Advertising Agency:Saatchi & Saatchi, London, United Kingdom
Advertising Agency:Saatchi & Saatchi Paris, France
Creative Directors:Philippe Rachel, Carl Harborg
Art Directors:Vincent Berard, Olivier Porte
Managing Directors:Olivier Després, Philippe Merillon
Strategic Planning Director:Barberine Reyners
Account Directors:Roxane Roullier, Guillaume Nikos
Chief Operating Officer:Yaniv Abittan
Operational Account Manager:Jacques-Marie André
Production Managers:Nicolas Hamou, Toufik Mahfoufi
Floor Manager:Adrien Lo
Event Account Director:Alix Calonne
Account Manager:Jessica Xavier-Cochelin
Global Chief Creative Officer:Kate Stanners
Head Of Account Management:Marie Deery
Account Director:Amy Wright
Production Company:Prodigious
Producer:Isabelle de Mascolo
Production Director:Alison Begon
Production Assistant:Ousmane Diara
Film Directors:Olivier Minet, César Decharme, Hannah Rosselin, Stève Siracuse
Sound Engineers:Yves Bagot, Alexandre Le Mouroux, Jean Nicolas Buonavista
OPV:Soraya Laouici, Julien Sterle, Yuki Kawamura
OPV Assistant:Lucie Margueritte
Photographers:Frédérique Barraja, Lucie Fradet
PostProduction Director:Kwet Dupic
Postproduction Manager:Charles Branco
Motion Designers:Stéphane Furrer, Kenjy Bourgeois, Médéric Thoirey, Dorian Le Dastumer, Alex Fortineau
Motion Designer Assistants:Dorian Le Dastumer, Clémence Garin


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