Peugeot 208 Launch – Let Your Body Drive

The Challenge

Our bullseye consumer was a mid twenty something looking to buy her first new car. This was an audience who Peugeot had no relationship with and who also were more likely to buy on price than they were on brand.

Our challenge was to generate up 1,600 test drive leads; to drive a million views of the campaign video on YouTube; and to generate 20,000 interactions on Facebook.

The Strategy

The campaign required an innovative interpretation of the brand’s global advertising proposition of ‘Let Your Body Drive’ which would appeal to the target market.
Our strategy was to generate interest ahead of the car’s UK launch by creating a highly innovative video communicated via social media, which it was hoped would quickly provoke word of mouth interest. This would then be followed up by a live experiential campaign across the UK, bringing the creative appeal of the video excitingly to life, in order to achieve the campaign objectives.

The Solution

The 208’s revolution is that it is ergonomic and intuitive – characteristics which lend themselves to be articulated through the medium of dance. So we chose contemporary dance music as our creative vehicle precisely because of its intuitiveness. We needed to find a track which would not only reflect the equity of the 208 but also resonate with our audience. The track also needed to be distinctly different from the typical dance music sound popular at the time. We found a drum and bass/jazz fusion track by London DJ outfit, Rudimental – Feel The Love.

We then commissioned a riveting dance video, deliberately unbranded to create intrigue, which was seeded through social media. The control shown by the dancer, Marquese Scott, and his ease of movement reflected the intuitive nature of driving and underpinned the global ‘Let Your Body Drive’ positioning. We then released a branded YouTube channel utilising ThisMoment technology to enable greater customer interaction and participation. This also featured behind the scenes footage as well as dance tutorials from NonStop. To encourage word of mouth, we also invited viewers to upload their own ‘Body Drive’ video to the track for their chance to win a VIP holiday in Ibiza with 7 friends.

A national roadshow then showcased the car in seven shopping centres, with street dancers bringing the 208 stand excitingly to life performing the same Rudimental track to synchronise the viral success. Brand ambassadors offered consumers information on the car, gave product demonstrations and registered interest for test drives. Consumers could also enter the Ibiza competition there, adding an exciting integrated promotional element to the campaign.

Finally, the campaign was extended to incorporate the brand’s presence at Goodwood Festival of Speed, reaching thousands more prospects and taking a central role in the experiential element of the main Peugeot stand.

The Results


1,680+ prospects signed up for test drives
• 81%+ of stand visitors now more positive towards the brand

80%+ of consumers interviewed now more likely to buy a Peugeot in future
WOM score – 59% of visitors interviewed told 4.6 people about the activity
8.5 million+ views of launch video on YouTube (the second most viewed UK ad on YouTube in 2012)
3 million+ views of launch video between campaign launch date of April 10 – June 24
55,000 Facebook interactions
Rudimental’s track went straight to Number 1 in the Official Charts and iTunes Chart


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