Ram 1500 “Road”

Together with Markenfilm we have produced a TV campaign for the new Chrysler pickup truck Ram 1500, created by The Richards Group USA, directed by our creative head Ole Peters and shot in Canada by DOP Stefan von Bobely. The 60 sec. spot is jam-packed with our VFX specialties like violent earth quakes and tumbling rocks. We added VFX to more than seventy shots, creating complex 3D simulations and elaborate set extensions with intense support by our Concept & Design Department. The campaign highlights the Ram 1500 technological achievements which make natural forces and obstacles in the truck’s path retreat in deference to its groundbreaking technology. Winding roads straighten and overgrown paths instantly clear – the natural world is under complete control of the driver. Voice-over is by actor Sam Elliott („The Big Lebowski“) who also appears on camera at the end of the spot and whose deep, rich voice and “Western” appeal fits the Ram brand perfectly.
C r e d i t s
Client: Chrysler Group LLC, Auburn Hills/USA
Title: Heaven and Earth
Agency: The Richards Group USA, Dallas/USA
Production: Markenfilm & Sehsucht, Hamburg/Germany
Director: Ole Peters
Client: Chrysler Group LLC, Auburn Hills/USA
Head of Ram Truck Brand Communications: Marissa Hunter
Agency: The Richards Group USA, Dallas/USA
GCD: Rob Baker
GCD: Jimmy Bonner
Brand Creative/Writer: Sue Batterton
Brand Creative/Art Director: Kellyn McGarity
Broadcast Producer: Paul Nelson
Production: Markenfilm & Sehsucht, Hamburg, Germany
DOP: Stefan von Boberly
Exec Producer Markenfilm: René van Kann
Exec Producer Live Action:Markenfilm Harald Beelte
Producer Markenfilm: Oliver Schertlein
Director: Ole Peters (Sehsucht)
Postproduction: Sehsucht GmbH, Hamburg/Germany
Creative Direction: Ole Peters
Producers: Stephan Reinsch, Jan Tiller
On Set VFX Supervisor: Timo von Wittken
Inhouse VFX Supervisor: Florian Zachau
Editors: Christoph Senn, Stephan Wever
Concept & Design Department: Anja von Harsdorf, Dominik Wieschermann, Axel Brötje, Julius Brockelmann
3D Lead: Timo von Wittken
3D Artists: Heinrich Loewe, Eva Kuehlmann, Christian Keller, Timo von Wittken, Sebastian Kowalski, Andy Schulz, Martin Matzeder, Stefan Galleithner, Christian Schnellhammer, Daniel Jahnel
Compositors: Stefan Ihringer, Jona Maluck, Alexander von der Lippe, Daniel Brylka, Florian Zachau, Bea Wellenbrock
Matte Painter: Julius Brockelmann
Storyboardartist: Malte Romainczyk
Titles: Christian Heyde
Music & Sound Design: Q Department, New York/USA
CD/Music Composer/Sound Designer: Drazen Bosnjak
Executive Producer: Zack Rice
Producer: Guin Frehling


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