Cheil Worldwide teamed up with the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) and Seoul Museum of Art to hold a 3D refugee figurine exhibition.

Cheil staffs interviewed refugees both at home and abroad, took their photos, produced three-dimensional mini figurines based on their actual images and recorded in-depth talks with them. The results, dozens of figurines, are displayed in hidden places like windowsills and corner of shelves in the Museum. Unlike typical exhibition, visitors have to navigate the museum to look for the figurines, adding a “fun” element. Visitors who find the figurines can then scan the QR/NFC codes inserted in each figurine, to listen to the refugees’ stories.
“Although 3D printing itself is a cool technology, the reality is that we have seen too many dark sides of it, such as copyright infringement issues or weapon manufacturing. Through this exhibition, we would like people recognize 3D printing as a good-will technology. By experiencing 3D technology and touching stories, visitors would have better understanding of refugees”, said Shin Seok-jin of Cheil Worldwide.
“Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA) has been trying to expand the scope of museum, by embracing social issues and encouraging visitors to partake in our exhibitions. Through ‘Invisible People’, we would like to raise the awareness of refugees, and ultimately, create a society where refugees live in dignity”, added Kim Hong-hee, Director of the SeMA.


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