GO-JEK is your personal time saver. Our drivers are spread across Indonesia ready to pick you up, do your shopping, deliver your items and food orders!

GO-JEK is a socially minded technology company that aims to improve the welfare of workers in Indonesia’s vast informal sector. We partner with more than 200,000 experienced and trustworthy ojek drivers to provide our customers with a wide array of services, including instant courier, food delivery, passenger transport and much more.

Our mobile application is now the number one online service booking app in Indonesia and has won numerous awards, including the Asia-Pacific Global Enabling Technology Company of the Year from the Mobile Marketing Association.

Our services include GO-RIDE, GO-CAR, GO-SEND, GO-FOOD, and GO-MART. It has also recently expanded with GO-BOX, GO-GLAM, GO-CLEAN, GO-MASSAGE, GO-BUSWAY, GO-TIX, GO-AUTO, GO-MED and with many more to come.


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