Healthengine is Australia’s largest consumer healthcare platform that helps people navigate the complex world of healthcare. We’re on a mission to transform humanity’s health, one care experience at a time. Healthengine’s platform brings together a leading range of healthcare practices, healthcare specialties and health ecosystem partners in a suite of integrated offerings to help people get a better experience across each step of their healthcare journey.

Founded in 2006, Healthengine has more than 3.9 million users connecting with over 8,500 Australian healthcare practices across GP, dental, allied health, medical specialists and pharmacies nationwide. Over Healthengine’s history, more than 10.4 million Australians have made more than 54 million bookings on the platform. To find the right care, connect with healthcare providers and manage healthcare, you’re at the right place. Check out and download the Healthengine App for Android or iOS.

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