IBR Asia Group

IBR Asia Group

IBR Asia Group is a leading Integrated Communications Hub that has created superb branding and promotional solutions for over 100 Malaysian and international companies, government offices and agencies, and Heads of States since our inception until present.

We have experience and expertise in branding, marketing and pioneering concepts, and sustaining a vision until its execution. We manage expectations, and we have a team capable of expertly and seamlessly working on diverse subject matters – from scientific to technical to lifestyle – because we are communication experts who know how to break down complex ideas, disseminate it to the layman, and tailor-make it to individual customer needs.

We have the ability to prepare Sustainability Reports for corporations, which will be made mandatory for all orporations listed on the Main and ACE Board of Bursa Malaysia by end-2018. And in this connected age, we are able to help organisations utilise the full potential of social media, through services such as content creation, site management, and customised targeting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.


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