Bloomberg London: Workplace of the Future


Bloomberg London: Workplace of the Future” chronicles the journey to design and build the world’s most sustainable office building in the heart of the City of London. This building sets new standards for sustainability and innovation, and raises the bar for future office buildings around the world. The space energizes employees, clients and visitors, while encouraging a new level of productivity. Designed to facilitate collaboration and fuel innovation, it brings Bloomberg’s 4,000 London- based employees under one roof for the first time.

This 500,000 square foot office sits on a 3.2 acre plot of land surrounded by buildings of incredible architectural and cultural significance. Located between the Bank of England and St Paul’s Cathedral, the site is steeped in over 2,000 years of history and sits on top of one of the UK’s most significant archaeological sites at the heart of what was Roman London’s commercial center – the Temple of Mithras.

Conceived by our founder Mike Bloomberg in collaboration with leading architect Lord Norman Foster of Foster + Partners, the building’s design is sympathetic to its surrounding context, an exemplar of sustainable design and uniquely of its place and time – a natural extension of the City that will endure and improve its surroundings. Designed to complement the historic neighboring structures and to age gracefully with time, Bloomberg London is the City of London’s biggest stone project in more than a century. To construct a building of this size to the design brief, there were many complex first-of-its-kind design challenges to overcome. The film takes us on a journey as the architects try to navigate the revolutionary engineering required. We also travel around the globe with them as they seek the finest materials and craftsmanship needed to create the inspiring, innovative, dynamic and collaborative workplace that embodies Bloomberg’s core values.


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