Click2View Co-founder Neal Moore Leaves Company

Neal Moore, co-founder of content agency Click2View has sold his 50% share of the company to Singapore-based entrepreneur James Ient. Moore co-founded the business in October 2010 with business partner and Click2View’s CEO Simon Kearney.

Moore will continue as an advisor to Kearney and Ient, and will represent C2V at public events in his new role as a film producer.

Meanwhile, Kearny is now joined on the board by investor James Ient who will play “a significant part” in the business, but not take an executive role.

Moore was CEO of Click2View from 2013 to 2015. According to the company, Moore successfully transitioned the company from a video production company to a strategic content creation agency. In 2015, he stepped back from the business to focus on personal creative projects before returning in 2016 as executive content director.

“Welcoming Ient as a new partner into Click2View will bring a level of business acumen to the firm that invigorates and helps us continue the transformational journey we have been on for the last few years,” Kearney, added.

“I’m looking forward to working with Kearney and Ient as an advisor and representative going forward. l believe in Click2View’s mission; to help brands make compelling content. The goal, as always, is, so they may reach and engage their audiences” Moore, said.

“Watching Click2View from the sidelines I have seen the complexity of the projects, quality of delivery, creative direction and professionalism of the end-product improve year on year for the last three years and I have been proud to be peripherally associated with the work of the team and as well, Moore and Kearney,” Ient said.


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