dimsum Signs Up Celcom As A Partner

dimsum has brought on board Celcom to offer a streaming experience with direct auto-billing subscription and low-cost data packages.

Through this partnership, dimsum subscribers will be able to stream unlimited Asian dramas and shows with Celcom’s new video streaming feature called, “Video Walla”. This is available exclusively to all Celcom Xpax and FIRST customers.

Highlights in June included the simulcast of A Date with Meifeng, Eat Well and The Golden Melody. Besides that, dimsum streamed Hokkien series for the first time such as Way Back into Love, Rainy Night Flower, Father’s Wish, Flavor of Life and Magnolia.

dimsum is also launching two branded video content: GOASEAN, offering the best Southeast Asia travels and the premium Korean entertainment on Oh!K. This is part of dimsum’s plan to bring travel and Korean series to its subscribers.

Lam Swee Kim, chief marketing officer at dimsum, said, “With features like Celcom Video Walla, dimsum subscribers can stream to their heart’s desire without the fear of using too much data. We have also integrated with Celcom and subscribers can now pay through their mobile operator, all in one bill!”


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