Mobme Asia Launches Swype On in Malaysia


Mobme Asia has launched its lock screen application, Swype On, which will enable brands and publishers to inject content directly onto a consumer’s first point of engagement.

Research has shown that an average smartphone user unlocks his or her phone roughly 110 times a day spending an average of 3.5 hours on their phone. This behaviour has transformed the mobile screen into a 21st century billboard, on-the-go and always at hand, said Mobme Asia.

By using data, the company said Swype On is able to customise content for its users, bringing focused messaging and content to end consumers. The feature takes over the lock screen and delivers relevant content, specific to users’ categories of interest.

“Our vision when we developed Swype On was to put power back into the hands of our users. Power not in the sense of money earned, but the power to get the right messaging at the right time and place. This messaging can be anything from breaking news in your neighbourhood to your football club signing Lionel Messi or even weathercast within the hour,” said Felix Chu, chief executive officer and co-founder of Mobme Asia.

Swype On is Android-enabled, downloadable lock screen mobile application. A swipe to the left by users engages them directly with the advertisement displayed and transitions the action into direct cash reward that can be found in the built-in wallet known as Keys. Users will also automatically be entered into a monthly lucky draw of prizes, rebates and promotions.

Should the user be occupied and swipes right to unlock his or her smartphone, the content will be archived for later consumption while still earning cash rewards and chances for the monthly lucky draw. Redemption of cash rewards can only be claimed after RM100 is accumulated every month.

To ensure that users are only seeing relevant content, Mobme Asia has partnered with Have Halal, Will Travel (HHWT), a Malaysia-based content creator in the lucrative Muslim travel space, to create localised and meaningful content pertinent to Malaysians today. In the coming months, Mobme Asia said it will form more partnerships in the advertising, publishing, technology and services industries to bring more promotions, localised content and features to Swype On users.

Speaking on the limitations brands are facing in today’s advertising landscape, Chu said that when it comes to applicable and actionable messaging, traditional media spaces pose some restrictions in that there’s a clear disconnect between advertising message and consumer engagement.

“Swype On fills the necessary gap. We want to give brands the ability to direct meaningful messages to their consumers that can be acted upon. Swype On’s yet-to-be revealed partners have an aggressive growth plan that will provide access to more than 20 million Malaysians combined,” she added.

Swype On is currently only available to Android OS devices in Malaysia.


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