Aputure MC – Mini RGB LED


Any Color. Anytime.

Introducing the first RGBWW LED from Aputure…

The MC is Aputure’s first light to include full Hue, Saturation, & Intensity (HSI) color control. With 360° of hue and 100 levels of saturation adjustment, you have the power to conveniently reproduce any color, all in the palm of your hand.

Aputure is a company made by filmmakers, for filmmakers. This film has been a collaboration with creatives from all corners of the globe, and Aputure would like to thank the incredibly talented directors of photography who contributed to the making of this piece:

– Justin Jones
– Kazu Okuda
– Casey McBeath
– Eric Lombart
– Rocky Luo
– Vento Shi
– Tristan He
– Chetco Timmins
– Brandon Le
– Dave.Amsterdam


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